Lovers Beach
The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the words Lovers Beach may be a quiet, romantic place where you’d have the whole beach to yourself and a special someone to share it with. This is not exactly the real deal. That aside, Lovers Beach is, however, a fun place for everyone to visit. In fact, we recommend coming here at least once in your trip to Cabo San Lucas. Due to its natural setting, there aren’t any restrooms or showers here. Don’t forget to pack along sunscreen because it gets pretty hot during the day, and there are no shades provided as in other Cabo beaches.
Medano Beach
Being the most popular beach in Cabo, Playa el Médano, or Médano Beach, spans several kilometers along the Cabo Bay. Only after coming here in person will you truly experience the beauty of the Sea of Cortés. Despite our busy everyday lives, it’s when we do the simple things, like walking along the shore of Médano Beach, that we appreciate being a part of this planet. Introspective moments like this may strike you from time to time in Cabo’s beaches — and Médano Beach is no exception. There are always many options for eating and drinking here. Palapa bars offering things like seafood, burgers, quesadillas, and cold beverages can be found throughout.  It is not uncommon to find live entertainment along Medano beach at resort restaurants.
Médano Beach Activities
There is an ample amount of stands selling activities at Médano Beach, making any watersport just a short walk away. Your choice of jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and more can be done without ever having to leave.  Snorkeling is not possible at this particular beach since underwater visibility is exceptionally low. Nearby, you’ll spot a number of boats taking people to Lover’s Beach, El Arco, and back. Large cruise ships may be seen from Médano Beach occasionally, making way for excellent photographs.  On the beach right by some hotels, there are defined boundaries which vendors are not allowed to cross to approach tourists. A defining characteristic of Médano Beach is the party atmosphere throughout. Here, people are enjoying margaritas, meeting new folks, and just plain havin’ fun. 

Chileno Beach
This beach is the most popular diving and snorkeling site in Cabo San Lucas. Located just a bit more than halfway along the Corridor, swimming conditions are excellent here thanks to the Chileno Bay. Unlike in Médano Beach, underwater visibility is perfect for observing the sea life below. The clarity and beauty of the water here is reminiscent of the beaches you would find in the Caribbean. Plenty of exotic fish such as angelfish and parrotfish can be spotted here. It is also home to tropical fish, moray eels, sea turtles, sea urchins, sea fans, sponges, starfish, and invertebrates. Just beware of touching the rocks as you can get in contact with barnacles.[Chileno Beach]The clarity of the water here is reminiscent of the beaches you would find in the Caribbean.

An alternative way to arrive at Playa Chileno is by boat from the marina. If you’ve arranged a snorkeling tour, chances are the boat you board will come to this beach. The trip should take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. You could save money and enjoy even longer snorkeling excursions if you get here by road as opposed to by boat. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Médano Beach. Of course, you would need to bring your own snorkeling equipment if you get here by car and would like to snorkel.
Divorce Beach
Contrary to what the name implies, Divorce Beach actually is a more suitable place for lovers than Lover’s Beach. Since it faces the Pacific Ocean, one may enjoy unforgettable sunsets here. It is in such a unique setting because this is one of the few beaches in the world that actually connects with two different bodies of water — the Pacific on one side and the Sea of Cortés on the other.[Divorce Beach] The water’s beautiful to watch — but not touch.

Whatever you do, do not even think of swimming here. After all, the main reason Divorce Beach gets such a moniker is because there are strong rip currents, a large undertow, and crashing waves. The water’s beautiful to watch (from the sand) but not touch. And if this warning isn’t enough, there are several signs on the beach that caution against swimming here. Lastly, don’t expect a lifeguard to come to the rescue just in case because there isn’t one.
The best way to get to Divorce Beach, or Playa del Divorcio, is by walking a few hundred feet from Lover’s Beach. You could get there by hopping onto a glass-bottom boat from either Médano Beach or the Cabo marina. 

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